An exhibition that explores curating 2 – 17 May 2014

Meeting James

For those of you who are unaware, cu•rate is a show curated by three curators. Yes that is alot of “curate”. So far, however, this blog has only seen what we think of others’ shows. So in this blog entry we will be giving you an insight into our exhibition and specifically, a meeting with one of our artists: James Thurgood.

James, a visual artist, will be exhibiting several pieces in our show. You may have seen his work at the Other Art Fair ( as that is definitely where we found him). His gold pieces entitled “Hell” (2012) which are a set of works hidden behind a giant gold square….yes gold, was a piece that definitely stood out among the mass amount of art at the fair.

” My interest in making art is in making work that explores our relationship with art itself… I am particularly interested in exploring the notion of ‘beauty’ within images. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the subjective and the objective; how a personal judgement on art/imagery can be influenced by the objective cultural rhetoric. Above all, although in direct partnership with the aforementioned interests – I strive to make work that deals with the explicitly human tendency to attribute meaning to images and objects in order to make sense of them.”

James Thurgood The Other Art Fair

So, as we all know, exhibitions don’t make themselves. As part of the research, along with my co-curators Natalie and Phoebe, we went to visit James at his studio.

It was a sunny day, especially for a March morning and of course, because our map reading skills aren’t something to pride ourselves in, we got lost. And there James was, waving in a distance.

After the usual hellos and a cup of coffee talking about Beyonce, we eventually went to his studio.

His studio is this lovely spacious room, with loads of light. He shares the floor with Wayward Plants (who previously exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery). On the walls were many of the works we have been considering for the exhibition. It is very different seeing works on the computer than seeing them in real life. In a photo you don’t get a sense of the size of his work, which are a massive poster size. James’ work is beautiful, especially in the sunlight.

Along with his work, James’ enthusiasm was electric. It is always exciting to work with an artist who is excited about not only his work, but also the show. As an artist who often works commercially, it’s an exciting prospect to be able to create work that is not commercially driven. This gives the artist a chance to truly be themselves.

I must say, as a curator, the enthusiasm from an artist makes my job alot better. This visit has not only helped us decide on pieces that will fit in our show and has helped us expand our friendship with James, but has also expanded our appreciation for his work. This visit has also helped us curate our catalogue that will accompany our exhibition.

Along with Natalie and Phoebe, we are excited to be working with James, as well as our other artists. We look forward to our meetings with them, and of course seeing the results in our exhibition.

James Thurgood

James Thurgood, Beautiful Image #7



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